Alpha 2 - Alerts, A-icons and charts!

  • Story Charts
    • Shows you where you are in the 'story' and which possible branches are available.

  • Attachment icons!
    • Icons are overlayed on places where attachments can be.. attached.
    • These range from heatpipes to gears, belts, hooks (for wagons) and some others.

  • The alert system
    • Autmatically alerts you when a building is missing external energy
    • When clicked on the alert icon it will show what energy is missing and show a way to get it

(connected heat pipes and then inserted some wood in the furnace)

  • Better npcs!
    • No longer cross each other
    • enemies no longer lvl up (friendlies do)
    • Have 2 arms (mostly)
    • better sword swings (however better arm movements update still pending)

- And more~ (General fixes, improvements (first energy bars have been added to low level furnaces))


Chuture_Alpha_v01_20_open.rar 56 MB
Dec 08, 2018
Chuture_Alpha_v01_20.rar 56 MB
Dec 08, 2018

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