Alpha 1.18 - Double patch: Melee system & improved HUD

Patch 18: improved HUD and melee, took a while but it's here~

  • Melee system: no longer are you limited to range weapons you can now use the trusty.. pitchfork? more melee weapons soon~

  • HUD now shows some of most used actions with the binded key below it, so you know when you are using it.
  • Some of the HUD icons have been updated: player icon shows the head and boss is now replaced with a typical race finish flag
  • Structures now get highlighted when they are within interaction range and show the key to press atop
  • New structures:
    • A more basic engine which pushed the older engine to later game
    • Pitchfork
  • NPC now slightly smarter (they will still run passed each other but) will now always target the closest enemy npc on the platform unless there is none then it will start destroying stuff :o
  • NPC now LEVEL UP! they gain more damage and soon they something might happen if they reach a certain lvl
  • NPC now get knockedback when they get hit based on the damage.


Chuture_Alpha_v01_18_open.rar 66 MB
Sep 01, 2018
Chuture_Alpha_v01_18.rar 66 MB
Sep 01, 2018

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