SpriteVoxels a.k.a A simple sprite to voxel generator

well it basically makes a voxel based gameobject of any sprite in the most simple of  ways

Demo Instructions:

  • Left click to break voxels
  • Right click to explode

The test scenes are ranked by heaviness number being the lightest.. don't try to run procjam scene on html.. it will not result in good things

WARNING: Works best with pixel art, the larger the texture the bigger the load this goes exponentially up!


  •  Sprite to voxel generation

  • Filling of that voxel with another texture (see skeleton inside character)
  • Masking layers using shades of white you can set how the layers are extruded

  • Sphere based destruction, you can send a point and radius to the script and it will remove those voxels

  • Explode the whole sprite and witness the slowdown of your system (yes it is def laggy)

  • Structure integrity when voxels are destroyed neighbouring voxels are checken to be still attached (by a certain degree) and if not attached enough they will fall down
  • Automatically hides hidden voxels (like those inside) until when they become part of the outside
  • And lastly but definitely least: a terrible rotation camera that may make some people sick.. however not the point of this project? Yes it's gimbal/euler fault.. but..


There is definitely room for optimization and that might happen one day


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